Sunday, 6 January 2008

What am I doing?

Happy 2008 to anyone who happens across this non-blog!

I set this thing up last year (I think) but I've never used it! So my question is, will I do anything with it this year? I have visited a few crafty blogs and they always look so professional, with lots of clever stuff to read and do. How do they do it? I have no idea so the best way is to start writing and then see what happens! I dont know how to add music, how to add photos, in fact it took me ages to work out how to write this!!! Thick - yes I must be! Anyway, I've started now so lets see what happens.

Karen xx


Lydia said...

Hi Karen, Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment x
To add music etc, just click on the links from mine/other blogs and follow the instructions. Then paste the codes into 'Add Page element' on your layout :o)
Hope that helps x Good luck!

Karen said...

Wow Lyds, I've done it!!!! Thank you xxx