Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Some ATCs

Here are some ATCs that I've been making - I really enjoyed doing this cus its been quite awhile!!! Some of the backgrounds are from Leonie when she sent me them after joining her club and this last one is from Sockscat. I dont tend to do oriental but I got these mini postcards and their just gorgeous - perfect for ATCs!!!


She said...

Lovely. I love Oriental and these are gorgeous. Well done! xxxx

Shaz said...

ooohhhh these are lovely xx

Heidi said...

Glad I remembered you liked these mini postcards, they are great!

craftyscot said...

they are gorgeous

Lydia said...

Really lovely Karen...I'm not an Oriental fan either but these are great xx

Lydia said...

Oooh...figure of speech!!!
'Oriental fan' !!!

Now where's my rolling on the floor smiley??? ^,^