Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Thank you cards

I have been away from my blog for an exceeding long time!!! To be honest I've just not felt like doing crafting or blogging - what's wrong with me!!!! I think it has something to do with Facebook and working on the Farm - but that's another story....

Anyway, it was my birthday on Friday and I had some absolutely fantastic handmade cards from my lovely crafting buddies, and even my aunt made me a handmade card - thanks Jean, you're fab :)

I also had some lovely presents and lots of money (lucky me!!). So I made a couple of thank you cards, and here they are! OK, so they're not amazing but I had to get back into it somehow!!!

Thanks for looking - well if there's anyone still out there!!!


Ann said...

Both lovely cards Karen - nice to see you back crafting & blogging again xxx

Karen said...

I have missed it Ann, and hopefully I will do a lot more now!